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Youth Swadhyay Samuh (YSS)

(Rules & Regulations 2020)


Saral Services, a National level NGO is promoting YSS in Jamui District of Bihar Since 2017. Saral Services encourages youths in the villages seeking coaching for enhancing knowledge in English, Mathematics and GK to pass competitive exams for regular degree or getting jobs in Government or private sector. Saral does provide knowledge completely free.

In addition to offering knowledge Saral Services advises them to help children of their village to gain quality learning. Saral Services enables these youths to change the fate of their younger brother, sisters, own children, cousin or nephew by offering them quality learning.

For institutionalizing the activities, Saral Services promotes setting up YSS and helping the children to gain quality learning. Therefore there is a need for having rules for YSS.

Rules for formation of YSS:

  1. Every village can have one YSS. In some cases, 2-3 villages together can make one YSS. There should not be more than one YSS in one village. Any youth who wishes to join YSS, can do so by sending his resume and a note “Why want to Join” to anjana@saralservices.org with a copy to the leader of YSS. If a youth want to start a YSS in his village, he can do so by sending a request to the Saral Services office (anjana@saralservices.org)

  2. There should not be more than 20 youths in one YSS. There should be two leaders, President and Vice President. President shall keep the money while Vice president shall maintain the accounts under the supervision of of Saral Staff.

  3. A member can leave once he/she gets a job in the Government or a private office. One who wishes to quit YSS group, has to inform One month prior of leaving the group through mail to anjana@saralservices.org or putting a letter to the leader of the YSS.

  4. There should be a membership fee of Rs. 100 per month. Money shall be collected by the leader and maintained google cashbook on the income and expenditure...YSS can use this money for spending on printing the questionnaire papers and buying books...or ongoing events

  5. There should be a provision for changing one leader in every three months. After three months, the leader is given an extension or a new leader is elected. The new leader takes the charge of the outgoing leader.

Rules for Operation:

Part - I: Operation and Management of AVBA learning centre for children

YSS shall set up AVBA learning centre for the children from the same village. YSS agrees to improve the quality of learning. For this YSS members shall be happy to get the training from Saral Services on the pedagogy.

Manage and maintain the learning centre.

Part II - Self learning (Swadhyay)

YSS shall encourage children to come for the AVBA learning centre.

The group member has to inform on whatsapp group 3 hours in advance about his not participation in HLLO class held daily.

Participants have to ensure 80% attendance each month in HLLO class.

Each YSS team has to respect everyone’s answer which they try to provide while group study & HLLO.

Everyone should be punctual for group discussion & HLLO class.

Part III - General Development of the village

YSS team should volunteer by self for the progress work of their own village & students nearby.

Team should share pictures of what they are doing for the progress of students & nature.

Alumni of YSS

Since YSS has the objective of helping youth in the preparation of of competitive examinations and jobs. Once the objective is fulfilled, member can graduate to become the alumni and continue to keep the relationship as a mentor to other youths. They can also donate for the growth of the youths as well as the children.