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Saral100 Villages :

Saral Services has chosen to work in five Districts Nalanda, Sheikhpura, Jamui, Mungher and Bhagalpur of NVWC in Bihar. To understand the villages, we need to understand the Saral100 program.

Description/ DetailsIndicatorsMeans of verification
GOAL (3-5 years) Improve quality learning among children from disadvantaged background in five Districts of Nalanda Vikramshila Wisdom Corridor (NVWC) Increased skills and understanding in ---- Reading Writing Problem solving Communicating Listening and Communicating Concern for environment and local community Impact assessment using ASAR template
OUTCOME ( 2 year) Building of youths swadhyay Samuh (YSS) in 100 villages to support the learning of 100 AVBA learning centers 100 AVBA learning centers - 100-200 children per center, Library, One tablet, TV, 5 facilitators from YSS A AVBA document
OUTPUT (1 year) Setting up model AVBA learning center in a panchayat level • Training of 100 YSS with support to build their AVBA at individual level
• Consolidation of YSS in 20 Panchayats
• YSS taking the responsibility of running AVBA learning center
Quarterly MIS of Saral100 program
INPUT Activity 1. Survey of youths – Google Form
2. Train and Support youths as a teacher running tuition center till elementary class
3. Training of Teachers
4. Consolidation of YSS at Panchayat level and AVBA level
5. Online learning platform – SafalGyan/Swayam/
No of Youths surveyed
No of Youths with teaching interest
Panchayats for intensive work
YSS trained on Online Training- HLLO/SafalGyan platform
Children enrolled in ABVA
Fees collected by YSS from ABVA
MIS of Saral100

There will be stages
1. Survey - to filter youths who are interested and are exiting tutors in 100 villages in NVWC area.
2. Interacting with existing tutor or interested to be tutor and provide them basic infrastructure and
3. Provide training (Pedagogy and own learning) and supporting them for setting up small tuition centers.
4. Training on consolidation and formation of YSS at the Panchayat level
5. At Panchayat level 1-2 ABVA is set up with the management from YSS and at least 100 children.

Saral Services work in Nalanda, Sheikhpur, Jamui, Mungher and Bhagalpur Districts.