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Saral Training Academy

In India, it is now realized that ICT trained manpower is required in the rural areas too, especially for Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), District Cooperative Bank (DCBs) and more recently for manning the internet kiosks, proliferating in the villages on government initiative.  Lack of ICT trained manpower can be a bottleneck in proliferation of ICT in rural areas given the fact that the urban youth is reluctant to make a rural shift and available human resources in rural areas is largely ICT illiterate due to lack of adequate ICT training facilities available in these areas and hence unemployable.

In essence, Saral Training Academy (SaralTA), an initiative of Saral Services, an Indian not – for –profit NGO, in collaboration with Safal Solutions, an IT company, started training modules, namely Saral-TA 101 and SaralTA 201.  SaralTA 101 aims to make these youths employable by giving them the required exposure to ICT and training them in the basic management of specific applications that are being used in the organizations and institutions in the rural areas as Information Technology Field Technician (ITFT) and SaralTA 201 aims to make these youths employable by providing them required exposure to ICT and training them in software testing and programming that they will be suitable to work in an IT company as Software Tester and Software Programmer.

The purpose of this program is of twofold – 1) To meet the human resource shortage issue of IT sector; and  2) To provide rural youth a new livelihood option in IT sector.


Clients of SaralTA

    BRLPs, Bihar   |   Upasac, Uttarakhand   |   Deepak Foundation, Gujarat   |   Safal Solutions, Hyderabad