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Hourly Long Learning Online (HLLO)

The full form of HLLO is Hourly long learning online (HLLO) designed especially for COVID Pandemic period. Using HLLO our team reaches out to the youths and children. HLLO operates on Zoom, SKYPE, Google Meet and Whatsapp. Based on our experience, Zoom and SKYPE are the best mechanism of HLLO delivery. There are two types of HLLO – a) Lecture where only the speaker speaks while all others keep their connection mute. It is possible that there are 2-5 persons offering the lecture in interactive manner. In fact, we preferred lecture buddy delivering the content in a story format. For the lecture class there is no limit of the number of participants. b) Tutorial – In this format, all can speak. Everyone has authorization to unmute and speak. Purpose is that the participants can resolve their doubts. Tutorial class is of small size. It can not have more than 10 members. Tutorial class is also to complete assignments.