Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Saral Services a profit making organization?

No, Saral Services is a not-for-profit society registered under the Society Act 1860. Our objective is to promote quality IT services to rural clients and do research on how such services can be commercially viable. Primarily, our focus is on bridging the digital divide, especially in rural and developing countries. We believe that this can happen only when it is demonstrated that ICT application can also be commercially viable and when IT applications actually enhance the capacity of the agencies operating in rural areas or working in social sectors such as Education and Health.

Does Saral Services develop software or outsource it?

No, we do not develop software ourselves. However, we outsource it from various vendors depending on needs. We have used SafalFin3, developed by Safal Solutions for demonstrating the use of IT application in Micro Finance Institutions.

Can Saral Services provide operating support for any software?

Yes, we work mostly for Rural IT applications. However, our mission allows us to work for urban slums and other social sectors such as environment and preventive health.

What are the career options in Saral Services?

In the research domain from Research Assistant (Trainee) to Program Officer and in the ICT domain from Support Engineer to Testing Engineer.

Does Saral recruit fresher for development?

Yes, we do. We recruit freshers with graduation preferably in Social Sciences/Social Work with exposure to ICT as Research Assistant Trainees or as Support Engineers who are keen to work in ICT domain.

Who can apply?

Candidates with a commitment to work in development/social sector who have willingness to undertake field research & preparedness to work in remote rural areas.

What kind of research does Saral Services undertake?

We work on research work that focuses on bridging the digital divide. We are involved in research that answers the questions such as what is the appropriate IT application for Micro Finance, SHG promotion, Rural Cooperatives, Rural Health and Education.

Can Saral Services take donations?

Yes. Saral Services accepts donations. Under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, donors can claim tax deduction. The Act permits donors to deduct contributions to trusts, societies and section 25 companies. Donors are generally entitled to a 50% deduction for donations to non-governmental charities. Saral Services has 80 G certification from Income tax department and we welcome donations from individuals and organizations.