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AVBA Learning Center

AVBA (Acharya Vinoba Bhave Academy)

It is a coaching institute that is run by the members of the Yuva Swadhyay Group (YSS). The Yuva Swadhyay Group is a group of youths from the same village. Through this institute, classes 1-8 are run in their own village at a minimum fee. In this, the subjects of Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, etc. are taught in various activities, story, poetry and other interesting ways.

Objective: - To provide quality education to the children of the village.

Management structure: -

  1. This institute is run by a group of YSS, in which only members of YSS play the role of teacher.

  2. Two adults from the village will guide this institute as guides. They will inspect the institute from time to time and will inform the member of YSS about the method of teaching. He will always be in touch with the staff of Saral Services and will update the staff about every activity. The mentor will be chosen by the members of Yuva Swadhyay Group and staff of Saral Services.

  3. There will be a minimum of two meetings of the teacher-mentor every 3 months, in which talks will be held on children's progress, problems, activities and other issues. Minutes of each meeting will be recorded.

  4. A record will be kept of the fees charged from children, which will be examined every month. If the number of children is 100 or more, AVBA Learning Center will have to contribute 10% in Saral Services.

  5. At least one class should be practical in the week in which children learn something from their surroundings and village environment.

  6. Every Saturday, there will be a meeting of the members, in which they will discuss the difficulties faced in the studies, the studies done, the plan ahead, etc. They will tell the main things that came out of the meeting to the staff of Saral Services. If required, they will also be given 2–3 hours of training on Sunday.

  7. Learning plan, PTM, Margdarshak etc. The register related to this will be maintained.

  8. This institute will be operated through MOU which will be created between Saral Services and YSS members.

Center infrastructure: -

  1. The learning center should have enough rooms for every class, which has good seating, electricity, cleanliness etc.

  2. Children should see the board properly and the way of the teacher's movement among the children should be properly arranged.

  3. The center should also have a strong system of drinking water, toilets and necessary medical kits.

  4. The center should have a strong library from where children use regular books. Saral Services will help build the library.

  5. There should be a smart television in the center so that children can be given interesting information from time to time by showing things related to some videos, poems and other important topics.

  6. There should be a good facility of wi-fi in the center so that children can be given new information through online mode.

  7. Saral services will help to make the center digital as much as possible.

Teacher training and content: -

  1. How to check the level of young children, this will be taught to the YSS member. In this, they will be told well about the ASER test.

  2. Saral Services will help non-monetary education in teaching older children.