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Who are we

Society for Action Research in Accelerated Livelihood Services (Saral Services) is a Registered Society, launched on 25th January 2005, to address the issue of digital divide. Our society has many divides, one of them is digital divide. There are people who have exposure to digital world, who are digitally rich and can leverage the power of information and communication technology (ICT). Digital divide widens the gap between the two groups, digitally rich and digitally poor.We witness public and private efforts to put the information technology infrastructure in digitally poor areas to reduce this divide. Government has launched broadband and is setting up large network of kiosks in the rural areas. However, the gap cannot be reduced by simply putting the infrastructure in place. Efforts are also required to enhance the capacity of the people to utilize this IT infrastructure effectively.

Current News

What we do

Saral aims to empower rural and social agencies working with the poor with the power of ICT to bridge the digital divide. It seeks to not only encourage society to invest in ICT infrastructure in digitally poor areas but also enhance the utilization of ICT infrastructure. Saral Services plans to work on multiple services such as micro finance, livelihood, health, education and training in rural area.