Yatra for quality education starting again

November 5, 2012

It is indeed a great pleasure to share with my colleagues and friends that Saral Services and Village Organizations (VO) have planned to have seven days long Gyan Abhiyan starting from November 26 to December 2 in Nalanda District.  I will be taking part in it.  I and my colleagues Dr. Sekar, Dr. Mithilesh, Anisha, Bharati Sangam, Akelaji will be taking cycle out on the road and ride to number of schools.

Around the same time, last year I with my colleague Ranjit did the Gyan Abhiyan on cycle and had covered 100 KM in 10 days.  We had met wonderful people and discovered small private schools contributing to make our future stronger.  We had also discovered that Government Schools have the infrastructure and qualified teachers and yet students do not trust them.

Children are fertile and bundle of energy.  They need facilitation and good environment.  Government under RtE have taken the challenge of providing free education to children below 14 years.  But the task is so big, effort from the Government is falling short.  Void is filled by the small private schools.

Education is so vital, should society leave the responsibility to Government and small private schools?  Answer is no.  We have to be a watch dog.  We have to be vigilant.

We are once again on cycle to take the message of quality education for children.  This is possible if we are vigilant.  Parents have to participate in the management of the school and ensure that teachers come to school on time and use facilitation mode of education.

In Bihar, Jeevika is promoting VO, a federation of Self Help Group.  Members of VO are parents of the children who go to Government schools.  They need to know RtE and demand school management to give quality education to children.

Do not be serious.  we will enjoy the ride and meet many wonderful people on the way.



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