2nd Day GACY 2019, Darima

Yatra started at 1030 am today Nov 12, 2019. With the same slogans –

“सद्भावना की खोज, ज्ञान है।” ज्ञान से मान है। ज्ञान से सम्मान है। ज्ञान से जहान है ।

Yatra in Nautaur village

This yatra started when I could reach the spot on time. I was happy to note that it went of well. The slogans were more sharpened. We have always undermined the talent of the children and interested teacher.

I had a meeting with Kasturba group of I-saksham. Team is young and vibrant. There were three young fellows who are visiting Kasturba for taking classes. All of them have done graduation and preparing for exams and looking for job. I shared my experience of working with 20 KGBV in Nalanda and also shared a report with them. Key intervention was to form Swadhyay group of 7-10 girls. This group could work as study circle for peer feedback and peer learning, could also work as Kabbadi or Kho-Kho team

Meeting with Fellows of I Saksham in Jamui

This group was based on the concept of Sadbhavana that promotes being together, remove differences and strengthen trust and learn together..

I-Saksham has group of young fellows with whom they practice one hour of Ubuntu…where they learn from each others experience.

I joined the yatra. There was a Bal Gandhi in the group. I was following him in the Yatra…

Bal Gandhi was playing the role of Gandhi and leading the Yatra for Sadbhavana and education. He has a book in his hand. Symbolic but gave the correct message.

Gandhi was serious but he was happy to say that he would like to be Gandhi and follow his concept of Sadbhavana…

When we reached Nauahtar, children played Kho-Kho and Quiz on Gandhi. This was nice event for the children. We asked : What is Sadbhavana from the children. One child replyed that really surprised me – Sadbhavana is to remove dirt from mind and become clean and open to attract others to come to you and be friend.

One Old man said very interesting things – Sadbhavan Se Gyan Barhta Hai (Knowledge increases with Sadbhavana). If there is love and Sadbhavana in the Society, people meet and share knowledge and hence we multiply knowledge. when there is less Sadbhavan in the Society, People do not talk with each other, They do not sit together much. Hence there is no exchange and hence learning goes down…

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