सद्भावना की खोज, ज्ञान है।

a) My yatra started from Jamui from the office of I-Saksham. I met Shravan who is one of the Director of I-Saksham. On Monday, he does Ubuntu. I was little surprised and wanted to know what does he do in this. – I am knowledgeable because all my colleague in the office want to enhance learning. His team spends one hour three days per week when group decides to take one topic and discuss in the group. This way the team is able to keep themselves updated with development. I am because we are. This is an African word and it means humanity. We are here and hence I am here. This understanding or thinking is possible due to Sadbhavana. I found Sadbhavana in the process of Ubuntu that Shravan follows.

b) In Darima School, Rohit teacher did an excercise in the open. He formed circle of the children and played a game of “Know letter”.

Subodh talking with children who are sitting on letter C

It was an interesting game children played. Two children came forward, one wrote letter C by finger on the back of the other. Other has to tell the letter by sensing the finger movement. Later both of them made big C on the floor by a stick and asked other children to come and sit on it, hold it. Make friend with the letter C…. Then children made words from the letter like C for CAT, C for Chair, C for Cow…. The one made the word would speak loudly while other repeated it three times…This was an example of Sadbhavan with letter where children physically inscribed and sat on it. Touched it felt it and played with it by making many words….

National Education Day – Sadbhavana in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

c) National Education Day – Sadbhavana in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

I would like to refresh the writing – ” Education with Sadbhavana can bring Ram Rajaya”….

Children celebrated National Education Day in Darima School. Children were happy to know about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was our first Education Minister. Abul Kalam was Maulana, one who had mastry over holy books in Islam and yet he was Azad to respect and love other religion in India. That was the reason he did not opt for Pakistan. He remained with India and set an example of Sadbhavana……

Sadabhavana with Children

d) Sadabhavana with Children –

During the yatra Rohit teacher spoke to Gandmother of a child. She asking the teacher to show fear to the children, She was advising the teacher take tough steps to her gandson as he is not listening to her. On this Rohit explained to her the love and interest that would make him study better…. Indeed this was the sign of Sadbhavana to children that would give better result.

. e)

Sadbhavana in Kho-Kho game

Our Yatra went to Nawadih on the first day and stopped there. Children did one Skit about the story of Akbar learning from its people. Thereafter children played Kho-kho game. Children enjoyed the play and the game.

I understood that Kho-Kho game can be won only when you have sadbhavana with your colleague. Unless you have the great understanding with your fellow, you can not touch the opponent. Kho-Kho game is great example of building sadbhavan among children. This game was so exciting that children who were not from the School wanted to play. Then teachers made a new team mixed with children from the School and not from the School and then made them play. IT was a great fun and pleasure….Yatra was successful with the game…

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