Day 5 Cycle Yatra 2013


This was a concluding day of the Cycle Yatra, our Executive Director Shri Subrat Kumar Mishra also arrived and participated in the yatra. We made a presentation, which included the Result of the yatra, issues shared by the Parents and Teacher’s, Road Map

Result of the Yatra:

Day Villages visited No. of Teachers Parents/Guardians interacted with No. of students interacted with
  • Kamalpur
  • Bhiman
  • Dalhar
06 10 60
Day 2
  • Reota
  • Belhari
  • Raghunathpur
05 50 150
Day 3
  • Belhari
  • Masaura
  • Gangapur
04 90 40
Day 4
  • Chodhdargha
  • Koinda
  • Mahoulis
  • Reota
03 90 120
Total 18 240 370


Issues Shared by the Parents and Teacher’s:

1. Lack of quality teachers
2. Lack of bathrooms
3. Lack of Drinking water hand pump
4. Parent’s perception, the stereotype created against Govt. schools.
5. SMC discusses primarily on the infrastructure and MDM rather than improving the quality of education
6. The assignment of Non academic work to teachers.
7. Lab and library is underutilized.
8. Inactive Baal Sansad
9. Lack of awareness amongst parents, teachers and students
10. PTA meetings not taking place.

Road Map:

  • Recommendation from District Administration for a pilot
  • Proposal from Saral Services to BEP and Funding agency
  • Implementation after the approval
  • Share the result during Gyan Abhiyan Cycle Yatra 2014

This was the day where the team shared the cycle yatra experience with Administration of State and District level of Sheikpura, Shri Pranav Kumar below are the discussion points:

  • Team presented the experience to ADM of Sheikhpura
  • ADM gave more than 30 minutes.  He accepted the issues that have shared by the teachers and they are real. We have to work within the system.  He wanted to know the school where toilet and water handpump are not there. He asked his staff to take action on this.
  • He said these findings are nice in the laptop, but it is hard to see the result on the ground.  Most NGO come and show result on the laptop.
  • Team clarified that before we take up a project we need to understand the area and the Yatra has provided appropriate platform to know them and
  • Team is now interested in implementing the recommendation (from the laptop) in one CRC of Sohadi (on the ground)
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