Day 4 Cycle Yatra 2013

The yatra continued  towards Chorddargah where the school was running and the principal and the teachers were present this school had no boundary, bathrooms and the drinking water hand pump was more than 100 meters away from the school making it difficult for the students and the staff members. The food being prepared here looked better than that of other schools in comparison, Biryani (flavored rice), aloo Sabji(Potato curry) and Salad was being served to the kids and they ate in sitting in their respective places. The school building was good when compared to other schools and it had a well maintained library which kids hardly seemed to use other than that the school had carom boards and other such indoor games. The bal sansad and Meena manch in this school was active but it was not being implemented and the principal itself was not properly informed about the both the projects initiated by the Bihar Govt. The issues here were the lack of teachers, bathrooms, benches and a drinking water hand pump other than that the school is in a pretty good shape the students and the teachers seemed to be making a good effort.

While coming back from Chorddarga we stopped to interact with the parents near a carpenter’s house as we sat down several opinions were shared and several issues came out. When we asked a parent whether he sends his kids to the school, he laughed and replied “Wahan Koi Padai Hotha Hai Kya”? (Does any education happen there?) This perception is lodged in the brain of all the people.  As the conversation continued with the parents, they told us about the lack of quality teachers and the corporal punishment taking place in schools but they had a positive opinion about a new teacher who had been transferred there and were confident about his teaching skills.

From there the yatra then continued towards Mahouli where we met parents and students and as the Bal sansad candidates came out and we got to know that the bal sansad candidates were chosen but had no actual responsibilities and they did not know the amount of duties coming under Bal sansad. Here we made the candidates read from the booklet and we explained the importance of bal sansad and its advantages. Here we met a young boy in second class who was immensely intelligent for his age as we tested him he surprised every one of us as he told the tables till thirty even at 27 or 29 he made no mistakes and he had started learning English and Hindi, his father taught him all the things required as his father was a metric pass and he proceeded to pursue his inter but had to quit due to financial constraints and had to take up farming.

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