Day 3 Cycle Yatra 2013

The day started off with a successful meet with staff and students of UMS Reota, the main mission was to create awareness about the effective implementation of “Bal Sansad”and “Meena Manch”. The selected Bal sansad candidates were made to read from the bal sansad booklet provided by the Govt. a lot of students showed enthusiasm, by the end of the program the selected candidates were able to understand their responsibilities and were interested in participating actively in future, here the teachers promised to implement bal sansad more effectively in future and use it to its full benefits in all round activities even in MDM.

Later on the yatra continued towards UMS Belhari where the task was to have a meeting with the bal sansad candidates, parents and one teacher, here again the turnover was fantastic as the students had gone home to tell their parents about the meeting, interaction with parents was much more intense here and few valid points were raised during this interaction itself. The bal sansad candidates here were implementing it much more effectively than UMS Reota but the list of tasks given to them was not complete as all the ministers did not know the list of responsibilities given to them. The Bal sansad ministers here have taken classes in absence of teachers

but have not had the monthly meetings so far.
After this the yatra progressed towards Gangapur where the task was to create awareness about PTA meetings, Bal sansad and Meena manch, here there were good questions being asked by the parents few questions which stood out were:

  • When the Govt. schools have good education why doesn’t the education minister or any of the other influential political figures send their kids here?
  • Why is the MDM responsibility handed over to the teachers?

The cycle yatra from there progressed towards Raghunathpur, here by the time we had reached the school had closed but the purpose of the visit was to interact with parents and the students of the village and it was very much successful, as we came into the village people were curious and supportive they called their kids to talk to us. The few children we met here were candidates in Meena manch in singing activities, there was a young girl who had lost her father and she burst into tears as we were asking questions about her parents but even after this little emotional outburst she did not refrain herself from singing a song requested by us.

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