Day 2 Cycle Yatra 2013

It was a nice Sunny day, after breakfast we started the day and reached the first destination Belahari village and met the teachers in the School.  Teachers really welcomed us and wanted to know the purpose of the visit.

Main complaint of the teacher was different – Number of teachers given to the school is less.  Though there are 6 teachers posted for the school, HM is out of teaching work. He has too many meetings away from the school, 2 have been transferred and now only 2 are remaining in the school and there are eight classes. Therefore, it is very hard for the teacher to control the classes.

We noticed a very good collection of books in the library but, the books were not really used and we could see the dust on the books. We saw there were 4 different books on computer, and I felt it is really a waste of because there is no computer in the school and no child could have read this books.

One of the teachers was very active and he persuaded us to have lunch along with children and we obliged in order to understand the quality of food that is served to the

children, quality and taste both were average and there was no complaint from the child. Compare to the standard of food that is eaten in the village the food was ok. Therefore, there is lot of scope to improve the standard of food.

We went to talk to the children in the classes, one of the students asked me to take the class because as there was less No. of teachers so, we took the class 8th and taught science and the other participants of the Yatra also took classes. Overall it was a good experience. In my opinion girl students were not doing well, whereas the boy students were more interested and enthusiastic to learn.

We told the students to call their parents and will discuss about the Bal Sansad the Parents Teachers meeting. And then we went to another village called Raghunathpur. We met a teacher who was a handicapped but very enthusiastic and discussed the purpose of the Yatra. He also said that the no. of teachers in the school is less and one of the teachers comes for a very short period and comes late and goes early and hence, it is difficult to manage all the classes.

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