Day 1 Cycle Yatra 2013


Day 1 Cycle Yatra 2013

As scheduled our team arrived Reota, a village in Ariari Block of Sheikhpura District.  It is one of the backward block of the District.

Reota is a village that does not have electricity.  There is an entrepreneur in the village who provides electricity to all house by running generator with diesel.  The power is there till 9 PM.

In Reota, Govind teaches tuition to 150 children.  Parent was very happy about the Govind.  Naval Mahato said that Govind has ensured that children can speak correctly in Hindi.  He was very appreciative about this effort.

No one can hide the energy of the children.   I saw the energy among the girls that girl children started playing Kabbadi.   It was nice to watch them.  They had shed the inhibition being watched.  There is a playing ground in the school and it was fully used by them.   It actually set the context of the cycle yatra.

Started the Yatra at 11 AM, after having flag off from the Head Master, Md Aminulla  of Reota School.  We visited three schools but the third school has closed by then.  It was 3:30 PM.  We were told that School had closed an hour ago.  However, our team interacted with two schools in two villages – Kamalpur and Beman.

School Kamalpur has 6 teachers including HM. It has problem of room and benches.  There are 240 students, 25% of them were sitting on the corridor.  School started from 1978. About 600 students have passed out from the school.  Only 8-9 have graduated (2 %).  What happened to 98% children passed from there?  No one knows…. Perhaps, most of them joined the labour force of the society.

Teacher was unhappy about the MDM management and SMC.  SMS is not for ensuring the education in the school but for demanding share in commission from MDM and construction work.  Teacher said that awareness building about Bal Sansad, Meena Manch, and PTA is limited among children and parents.  There is a need for building the awareness.    Recently there is a change in the format of SMC, now it will have 17 members  (parents of the bal sansad members have now been included).  In the view of the teacher, MDM should be closed to provide better education.  MDM translates into attendance but not in quality education.

There was equipment for the lab but it was only kept in the shelf.  It was not being used.

Beman school is also up to class 8 and has sufficient rooms for class.  HM Sri Makeswar Pasad, was very comfortable.  He has been there for last 6 years.   He is comfortable with Bal Sansad.  He has taken help of the Bal Sansad in managing the MDM better.  In Beman, children did not go back after the MDM.  Often teacher complain that children come there only for MDM.  It was not true here.  Though there were many new books in two Alminars but they were locked.  On asking for the books, one tried very hard but it could not be opened.  In this school had 7 teachers including one lady teacher.

We talked to Prime Minister of Bal Sansad.  He was confident and showed that there has been several activities in education, sport and MDM.  They often remind teacher to go to class, keeping the school clean, participate in the distribution of food and sending children back to class after the MDM.

Since 1958, 3000 children have passed from here, about 20 have graduated.

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