Celebration of National Education Day 2013

Today is the National Education Day. I asked this question in my office to three senior colleagues. What is the importance of today? It did not surprise me. Non of them knew that today is National Education Day. We know Valentine Day, other day my daughter reminded that about father’s day. It is indeed sad to note that National Education Day is not as popular as Valentine day.

National Education Day is celebrated on the birth day of our first Education Minister Dr. Abdul Kalam Ahmed Azad. He was a scholar, Nationalist and above a good human being.

We need to celebrate the National Education Day. School children should know the importance of the day.   I decided to do rededicate my commitment to education for all and quality education in all schools.

In School, students

Remember him for his knowledge and his commitment

remember Gandhi and Nehru. Hence Oct 2 and Nov 14 are important. Nov 14 is celebrated as Bal Diwas.

I feel strongly that we all need to celebrate the day and think about education seriously. I am happy to share that we will be having the cycle yatra once again this year for quality education.

Questions that come to me are -
1) Why is Saral Services organizing the Yatra this year?

Saral Services has committed to the idea of having cycle yatra for quality education. It started in 2011. It is not a good idea to have a break. Hence we are having the program. Such yatra brings some positive energy and that is what required for the organization to continue and exist.

2) We have to raise the issue of quality education at the primary level. If we do not do that we are producing illiterates from the schools.   We are not surprised when some candidate come for the interview do not answer very basic questions.   As a result, some of them get frustrated as they fail in the higher class or when they do not get job. Therefore the issue of quality education is important and hence Saral Services has to stick to its commitment.

3) Why I have to lead the Yatra even in the third year?
Now I am not the leader. Dr. Mithilesh is the Leader now. Because of his initiative we are continuing with the program.

I am interested this year with different purpose -
I am wondering if Cycle Yatra with such short period in a group may become a method of rural immersion program. It can also be a method suitable to bring young graduates from cities to know and learn rural reality.

Today we reiterate our commitment to quality education and announce the 3rd Gyan Abhiyan Cycle Yatra 2013 from Nov 29 to December 3.

I invite my colleagues to read the blog and send your valuable comments. we will enrich our views with your comments.

Best regards

Subodh Gupta

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