Gyan Abhiyan Day 7: Quality Education Workshop

Gyan Abhiyan 2012 Day 7: Workshop at Nav Nalanda Mahavihar


This workshop was held in Nav Nalanda Mahavihar, a University located in Nalanda. About 60 people attended.


The seminar was chaired by Dr. Ravi Babu, Joint Director, NIRD, Hyderbaad. Other guest hounored the occassion were Mr. Prasad, Regional Deputy Director, Bihar Education Project, Patna, Ms Archana, State Project Manager, Jeevika, Patna,


District education Officer, District Quality Coordinator, DPM, Nalanda of Jeevika project were also present in the occasstion.


It was a great day, 50 parents from VO and some teachers also attended the workshop.


Government staff praised the effort made by saral Services, Nalanda Nikhar and Jeevika. They also said the such effort should be made more. Government also admitted the problems shared by the team. All of them said that point 6 and 20 in Samjhe Sinkhe need to work on. Point 6 talks about complete and comprehensie evaluation of child and point no 20 is weekly meeting with parents in the school.


Some of them highlighted the use of sports, cultural programs, TLM including computer education and elearning (point no 9,10 and 11 of SS).


Yatra member told that we should activate Bal Sansad and Mina Manch (given in point no 13 of SS) for all round development of children.


Vikash, Project Leader highlighted the features of the Yatra.

Yatra started on November 26 after DM rode the cycle and moved with the yatra and flaged off by officer from Education Department and ended on December 1, 2012. It covered 100 KM and 25 Schools. During the journey the team interacted with 75 teachers, 21 Village Organizations, 355 Parents and more than 500 children.


It is successful journey, parents realised that they have to take interest in their children and visit school. They should attend the weekly meeting in the school and discuss about the progress of the child. The social committee from each VO will take the lead in collecting and parents and going to school every week class wise.


We also discussed with teachers, they also agreed to make a roster for such weekly meeting and share with the parents.


In joint meeting with parents and teachers we discussed the importantce of point no 20. We need to be clear about the agenda in such meeting. Agenda will be point 6 and then others points in SS.


Director Saral Services prepared action plan and promised to have such abhiyan in the next year.


SPM, Jeevika suggested that we should start a pilot in Rajgir for quality education. For this she said that she will discuss with Saral Services.




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