Day 5

Day 5
Date: October 22, 2011
Giriac to Pawapuri

We started the day after having Satu ka Sarwat (in a Big glass). We got a bus to reach Giriac, but Sanjeev insisted that we should go with him on his mobike. We did but it was punctured midway. Sanjeev has to take the trouble of getting the tube repaired. Ranjit and I took the same bus coming from behind and came to Giriac.

I went to Mangatbigha school, one km from the road. There was no road, I left the cycle and went on narrow pagdandi amist Paddy field. I met Mr. Prasadi Yadav and Mr. Lalu Prasad. Reached the school. School is just beside the banian tree. Very nice view indeed. Lalu sends all his three daughters to GPS. However he not satisfied with the performance of the children. They are not doing well.

Mr. Prasadi was a Inspector of Police. He is happy that he donated the land. But he is not happy that as performance of the children in the school is not good. Infact he has to send his grand son to English medium school. He recalls the land transfer process and he did not have good experience though.  In the picture Mr. Prasadi is standing in front of the school at a distance.


I met Savitri Devi who has three grand children. She was sending all of them in GPS of the village. However she is now sending the eldest Rauson kumar (9 years) to private school in Pawapuri. Two children (very young) to GPS. She felt that school has taken Santosh kumar as a teacher from the village who is doing well but other teachers are not. Teachers do not call for meeting. She will be happy to go for the Parent teacher meeting. Rousan sent to school for three years but now she had to send him to private school as there was no progress. Only two months back August 2011, Rousan was admitted in Private school in LKG class. It was sad though. School was not ready to take him in higher class. She pays Rs. 900 per month and provide snakes and books and uniform. Rest is given by the school.

Santosh Kumar is related to Prasadi yadav who donated the land for the school. He is very sincere and wants to make the school better. He refered to quality education instruction sent by CRC. He showed me 20 points quality education on which he is trying to work. There was a poster of 20 points on the wall.

Later we moved to Raitar Government Middle School (GMS) on the road side. I met two teachers there. Teacher was very proud that school is on the roadside and hence all the teachers are available till 11 am (Saturday). No one leaves before time. Meaning was that roadside school can not afford to relax like other government school. Big officers can come for the inspection anytime. I observed two things – a) There is a fear that inspection can happen anytime. All teachers are present, routines are well prepared. Attendance register of the school is well maintained. b) Teachers are happy that there are regular inspections and all the teachers adhare to norms of being present and taking classes.

World Vision India has donated tables and fund for painting walls and toilets. School has large set of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM). Teacher was happy to show them on request. Teachers use them in the classes when required.

Next we went to Kerala Public School. A couple has started the school. School is now running in new building under construction. Building is partially complete. Buidling belongs to three brothers – one Practicing Compounder (Rural Doctor ) and other two do liquor business in Sewan. They have given the building on rent. There are 350 children housed in the building.

School fees is Rs. 200 per month. He has to over 1.5 lakh dues as some parents have not paid. Not because they can not pay but becasue they do not want to pay. One who did not pay are not poor. He was very upset with such people. He is happy here and getting big cooperation from the people. Government of Bihar has asked all the schools to take registration by November 12. Schools can be resigtered under SSA.

Next we went to two more private schools, Namdhari and Gyan Deep close to Pawapuri. Both were residential. They are located on road side at half km distance apart.

Namdhari is small (35 children) run by a family while Gyan Deep has 200 children run by two friends. One of the friend was running road side Dhaba. He has converted the Dhaba into school. School still has the same counter of the Dhaba as office for the headmaster. Infrasturcture is ok. Has clean toilet. Has two computers but they are not used as lack of teacher. Namdhari also has computer. Children who come to stay and study are mostly from Nalanda, Nawada, Madhubani Districts. Parents who have gone to Delhi/ Kolkata for earning they leave their children in these schools. These parents are from income group of Rs. 10000 to 20000. In Central Government, a pion gets Rs. 10000. He can afford to send his child for this school.

While I was riding the cycle on the road I was thinking…… a) Teachers do not mind if there are frequent inspections  b) Teachers would like that teachers follow norms and teach in the classes. c) We can develop indicators based on the 20 points of quality standards and for using MIS monitoring online. Will it improve the quality of learning in Schools……

Another question I was pondering was……
As Prasadi, will other retired government staff, teachers, Army staff donate land to private society for running schools in the village???
Does Private school serve the poor section?

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  1. N S Rawat says:

    Dear Subodh,
    It is wonderful to read your blog and to remotely follow the journey along with your team. You are doing a wonderful survey and I am sure that the schools that you are visiting will greatly benefit from the interaction with you.

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