3rd Day of Sadbhavan Ki Khoz in Darima, Bihar

Yatra started at 930am with 7 people and five cycles. All the other children remained with Dilip in the School to Dosti with letter and word…

Team decided that go with Cycle only on Nov 13 from Darima
Talking with farmer who was harvesting paddy on the way to Mainijor
Behind the farmer and paddy field there was a pond where lots of fish eating bird perched.
A lotus flower in the pond – Symbol of Sadbhavana with nature
Sadbhavana with Mainijor School and its children and teacher
Sadbhavana was practically demonstrated on the ground with Kho-Kho
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2nd Day GACY 2019, Darima

Yatra started at 1030 am today Nov 12, 2019. With the same slogans –

“सद्भावना की खोज, ज्ञान है।” ज्ञान से मान है। ज्ञान से सम्मान है। ज्ञान से जहान है ।

Yatra in Nautaur village

This yatra started when I could reach the spot on time. I was happy to note that it went of well. The slogans were more sharpened. We have always undermined the talent of the children and interested teacher.

I had a meeting with Kasturba group of I-saksham. Team is young and vibrant. There were three young fellows who are visiting Kasturba for taking classes. All of them have done graduation and preparing for exams and looking for job. I shared my experience of working with 20 KGBV in Nalanda and also shared a report with them. Key intervention was to form Swadhyay group of 7-10 girls. This group could work as study circle for peer feedback and peer learning, could also work as Kabbadi or Kho-Kho team

Meeting with Fellows of I Saksham in Jamui

This group was based on the concept of Sadbhavana that promotes being together, remove differences and strengthen trust and learn together..

I-Saksham has group of young fellows with whom they practice one hour of Ubuntu…where they learn from each others experience.

I joined the yatra. There was a Bal Gandhi in the group. I was following him in the Yatra…

Bal Gandhi was playing the role of Gandhi and leading the Yatra for Sadbhavana and education. He has a book in his hand. Symbolic but gave the correct message.

Gandhi was serious but he was happy to say that he would like to be Gandhi and follow his concept of Sadbhavana…

When we reached Nauahtar, children played Kho-Kho and Quiz on Gandhi. This was nice event for the children. We asked : What is Sadbhavana from the children. One child replyed that really surprised me – Sadbhavana is to remove dirt from mind and become clean and open to attract others to come to you and be friend.

One Old man said very interesting things – Sadbhavan Se Gyan Barhta Hai (Knowledge increases with Sadbhavana). If there is love and Sadbhavana in the Society, people meet and share knowledge and hence we multiply knowledge. when there is less Sadbhavan in the Society, People do not talk with each other, They do not sit together much. Hence there is no exchange and hence learning goes down…

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सद्भावना की खोज, ज्ञान है।

a) My yatra started from Jamui from the office of I-Saksham. I met Shravan who is one of the Director of I-Saksham. On Monday, he does Ubuntu. I was little surprised and wanted to know what does he do in this. – I am knowledgeable because all my colleague in the office want to enhance learning. His team spends one hour three days per week when group decides to take one topic and discuss in the group. This way the team is able to keep themselves updated with development. I am because we are. This is an African word and it means humanity. We are here and hence I am here. This understanding or thinking is possible due to Sadbhavana. I found Sadbhavana in the process of Ubuntu that Shravan follows.

b) In Darima School, Rohit teacher did an excercise in the open. He formed circle of the children and played a game of “Know letter”.

Subodh talking with children who are sitting on letter C

It was an interesting game children played. Two children came forward, one wrote letter C by finger on the back of the other. Other has to tell the letter by sensing the finger movement. Later both of them made big C on the floor by a stick and asked other children to come and sit on it, hold it. Make friend with the letter C…. Then children made words from the letter like C for CAT, C for Chair, C for Cow…. The one made the word would speak loudly while other repeated it three times…This was an example of Sadbhavan with letter where children physically inscribed and sat on it. Touched it felt it and played with it by making many words….

National Education Day – Sadbhavana in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

c) National Education Day – Sadbhavana in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

I would like to refresh the writing – ” Education with Sadbhavana can bring Ram Rajaya”….

Children celebrated National Education Day in Darima School. Children were happy to know about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was our first Education Minister. Abul Kalam was Maulana, one who had mastry over holy books in Islam and yet he was Azad to respect and love other religion in India. That was the reason he did not opt for Pakistan. He remained with India and set an example of Sadbhavana……

Sadabhavana with Children

d) Sadabhavana with Children –

During the yatra Rohit teacher spoke to Gandmother of a child. She asking the teacher to show fear to the children, She was advising the teacher take tough steps to her gandson as he is not listening to her. On this Rohit explained to her the love and interest that would make him study better…. Indeed this was the sign of Sadbhavana to children that would give better result.

. e)

Sadbhavana in Kho-Kho game

Our Yatra went to Nawadih on the first day and stopped there. Children did one Skit about the story of Akbar learning from its people. Thereafter children played Kho-kho game. Children enjoyed the play and the game.

I understood that Kho-Kho game can be won only when you have sadbhavana with your colleague. Unless you have the great understanding with your fellow, you can not touch the opponent. Kho-Kho game is great example of building sadbhavan among children. This game was so exciting that children who were not from the School wanted to play. Then teachers made a new team mixed with children from the School and not from the School and then made them play. IT was a great fun and pleasure….Yatra was successful with the game…

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9th Gyan Abhiyan Cycle Yatra – Sadbhavana Ki Khoz

Today Saral Services in collaboration with Saral Internation School, Darima and I-Saksham taken out four days long yatra. Like other yatra, we always have a theme. Main theme is “सद्भावना की खोज ही ज्ञान है।”

This yatra started at 1130 AM today from Darima School. This ended at Nawadih at 2 PM where children played a skit and played Kho-Kho game. There was in interesting interaction with the parents….

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Cycle Yatra 2013 Report Day 6

  • Team shared the experience with Project Director, BEP, Patna that lasted for an hour on 17.12.2013
  • Director listened to the presentation and said that empowerment of children is just one small component, it has limited impact
  • Director, Saral Services argued about the power of empowering children

–     persuasive: can persuade teachers and parents to support,

–     gap filling: In absence of teachers, child from class V can take class of IV;

–     source of positive energy: needed to make the environment positive, constructive and forward looking

–     Unbiased: Children do not distinguish tasks ( cleaning and managing library)

–     Un stoppable desire: Once children enjoyed good habit of reading books, painting, dancing – no one can stop them, neither the late coming teachers or illiterate parents

–     Active Bal Sansad is the means and the goal is the quality education

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Day 5 Cycle Yatra 2013


This was a concluding day of the Cycle Yatra, our Executive Director Shri Subrat Kumar Mishra also arrived and participated in the yatra. We made a presentation, which included the Result of the yatra, issues shared by the Parents and Teacher’s, Road Map

Result of the Yatra:

Day Villages visited No. of Teachers Parents/Guardians interacted with No. of students interacted with
  • Kamalpur
  • Bhiman
  • Dalhar
06 10 60
Day 2
  • Reota
  • Belhari
  • Raghunathpur
05 50 150
Day 3
  • Belhari
  • Masaura
  • Gangapur
04 90 40
Day 4
  • Chodhdargha
  • Koinda
  • Mahoulis
  • Reota
03 90 120
Total 18 240 370


Issues Shared by the Parents and Teacher’s:

1. Lack of quality teachers
2. Lack of bathrooms
3. Lack of Drinking water hand pump
4. Parent’s perception, the stereotype created against Govt. schools.
5. SMC discusses primarily on the infrastructure and MDM rather than improving the quality of education
6. The assignment of Non academic work to teachers.
7. Lab and library is underutilized.
8. Inactive Baal Sansad
9. Lack of awareness amongst parents, teachers and students
10. PTA meetings not taking place.

Road Map:

  • Recommendation from District Administration for a pilot
  • Proposal from Saral Services to BEP and Funding agency
  • Implementation after the approval
  • Share the result during Gyan Abhiyan Cycle Yatra 2014

This was the day where the team shared the cycle yatra experience with Administration of State and District level of Sheikpura, Shri Pranav Kumar below are the discussion points:

  • Team presented the experience to ADM of Sheikhpura
  • ADM gave more than 30 minutes.  He accepted the issues that have shared by the teachers and they are real. We have to work within the system.  He wanted to know the school where toilet and water handpump are not there. He asked his staff to take action on this.
  • He said these findings are nice in the laptop, but it is hard to see the result on the ground.  Most NGO come and show result on the laptop.
  • Team clarified that before we take up a project we need to understand the area and the Yatra has provided appropriate platform to know them and
  • Team is now interested in implementing the recommendation (from the laptop) in one CRC of Sohadi (on the ground)
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Day 4 Cycle Yatra 2013

The yatra continued  towards Chorddargah where the school was running and the principal and the teachers were present this school had no boundary, bathrooms and the drinking water hand pump was more than 100 meters away from the school making it difficult for the students and the staff members. The food being prepared here looked better than that of other schools in comparison, Biryani (flavored rice), aloo Sabji(Potato curry) and Salad was being served to the kids and they ate in sitting in their respective places. The school building was good when compared to other schools and it had a well maintained library which kids hardly seemed to use other than that the school had carom boards and other such indoor games. The bal sansad and Meena manch in this school was active but it was not being implemented and the principal itself was not properly informed about the both the projects initiated by the Bihar Govt. The issues here were the lack of teachers, bathrooms, benches and a drinking water hand pump other than that the school is in a pretty good shape the students and the teachers seemed to be making a good effort.

While coming back from Chorddarga we stopped to interact with the parents near a carpenter’s house as we sat down several opinions were shared and several issues came out. When we asked a parent whether he sends his kids to the school, he laughed and replied “Wahan Koi Padai Hotha Hai Kya”? (Does any education happen there?) This perception is lodged in the brain of all the people.  As the conversation continued with the parents, they told us about the lack of quality teachers and the corporal punishment taking place in schools but they had a positive opinion about a new teacher who had been transferred there and were confident about his teaching skills.

From there the yatra then continued towards Mahouli where we met parents and students and as the Bal sansad candidates came out and we got to know that the bal sansad candidates were chosen but had no actual responsibilities and they did not know the amount of duties coming under Bal sansad. Here we made the candidates read from the booklet and we explained the importance of bal sansad and its advantages. Here we met a young boy in second class who was immensely intelligent for his age as we tested him he surprised every one of us as he told the tables till thirty even at 27 or 29 he made no mistakes and he had started learning English and Hindi, his father taught him all the things required as his father was a metric pass and he proceeded to pursue his inter but had to quit due to financial constraints and had to take up farming.

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Day 3 Cycle Yatra 2013

The day started off with a successful meet with staff and students of UMS Reota, the main mission was to create awareness about the effective implementation of “Bal Sansad”and “Meena Manch”. The selected Bal sansad candidates were made to read from the bal sansad booklet provided by the Govt. a lot of students showed enthusiasm, by the end of the program the selected candidates were able to understand their responsibilities and were interested in participating actively in future, here the teachers promised to implement bal sansad more effectively in future and use it to its full benefits in all round activities even in MDM.

Later on the yatra continued towards UMS Belhari where the task was to have a meeting with the bal sansad candidates, parents and one teacher, here again the turnover was fantastic as the students had gone home to tell their parents about the meeting, interaction with parents was much more intense here and few valid points were raised during this interaction itself. The bal sansad candidates here were implementing it much more effectively than UMS Reota but the list of tasks given to them was not complete as all the ministers did not know the list of responsibilities given to them. The Bal sansad ministers here have taken classes in absence of teachers

but have not had the monthly meetings so far.
After this the yatra progressed towards Gangapur where the task was to create awareness about PTA meetings, Bal sansad and Meena manch, here there were good questions being asked by the parents few questions which stood out were:

  • When the Govt. schools have good education why doesn’t the education minister or any of the other influential political figures send their kids here?
  • Why is the MDM responsibility handed over to the teachers?

The cycle yatra from there progressed towards Raghunathpur, here by the time we had reached the school had closed but the purpose of the visit was to interact with parents and the students of the village and it was very much successful, as we came into the village people were curious and supportive they called their kids to talk to us. The few children we met here were candidates in Meena manch in singing activities, there was a young girl who had lost her father and she burst into tears as we were asking questions about her parents but even after this little emotional outburst she did not refrain herself from singing a song requested by us.

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Day 2 Cycle Yatra 2013

It was a nice Sunny day, after breakfast we started the day and reached the first destination Belahari village and met the teachers in the School.  Teachers really welcomed us and wanted to know the purpose of the visit.

Main complaint of the teacher was different – Number of teachers given to the school is less.  Though there are 6 teachers posted for the school, HM is out of teaching work. He has too many meetings away from the school, 2 have been transferred and now only 2 are remaining in the school and there are eight classes. Therefore, it is very hard for the teacher to control the classes.

We noticed a very good collection of books in the library but, the books were not really used and we could see the dust on the books. We saw there were 4 different books on computer, and I felt it is really a waste of because there is no computer in the school and no child could have read this books.

One of the teachers was very active and he persuaded us to have lunch along with children and we obliged in order to understand the quality of food that is served to the

children, quality and taste both were average and there was no complaint from the child. Compare to the standard of food that is eaten in the village the food was ok. Therefore, there is lot of scope to improve the standard of food.

We went to talk to the children in the classes, one of the students asked me to take the class because as there was less No. of teachers so, we took the class 8th and taught science and the other participants of the Yatra also took classes. Overall it was a good experience. In my opinion girl students were not doing well, whereas the boy students were more interested and enthusiastic to learn.

We told the students to call their parents and will discuss about the Bal Sansad the Parents Teachers meeting. And then we went to another village called Raghunathpur. We met a teacher who was a handicapped but very enthusiastic and discussed the purpose of the Yatra. He also said that the no. of teachers in the school is less and one of the teachers comes for a very short period and comes late and goes early and hence, it is difficult to manage all the classes.

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Day 1 Cycle Yatra 2013


Day 1 Cycle Yatra 2013

As scheduled our team arrived Reota, a village in Ariari Block of Sheikhpura District.  It is one of the backward block of the District.

Reota is a village that does not have electricity.  There is an entrepreneur in the village who provides electricity to all house by running generator with diesel.  The power is there till 9 PM.

In Reota, Govind teaches tuition to 150 children.  Parent was very happy about the Govind.  Naval Mahato said that Govind has ensured that children can speak correctly in Hindi.  He was very appreciative about this effort.

No one can hide the energy of the children.   I saw the energy among the girls that girl children started playing Kabbadi.   It was nice to watch them.  They had shed the inhibition being watched.  There is a playing ground in the school and it was fully used by them.   It actually set the context of the cycle yatra.

Started the Yatra at 11 AM, after having flag off from the Head Master, Md Aminulla  of Reota School.  We visited three schools but the third school has closed by then.  It was 3:30 PM.  We were told that School had closed an hour ago.  However, our team interacted with two schools in two villages – Kamalpur and Beman.

School Kamalpur has 6 teachers including HM. It has problem of room and benches.  There are 240 students, 25% of them were sitting on the corridor.  School started from 1978. About 600 students have passed out from the school.  Only 8-9 have graduated (2 %).  What happened to 98% children passed from there?  No one knows…. Perhaps, most of them joined the labour force of the society.

Teacher was unhappy about the MDM management and SMC.  SMS is not for ensuring the education in the school but for demanding share in commission from MDM and construction work.  Teacher said that awareness building about Bal Sansad, Meena Manch, and PTA is limited among children and parents.  There is a need for building the awareness.    Recently there is a change in the format of SMC, now it will have 17 members  (parents of the bal sansad members have now been included).  In the view of the teacher, MDM should be closed to provide better education.  MDM translates into attendance but not in quality education.

There was equipment for the lab but it was only kept in the shelf.  It was not being used.

Beman school is also up to class 8 and has sufficient rooms for class.  HM Sri Makeswar Pasad, was very comfortable.  He has been there for last 6 years.   He is comfortable with Bal Sansad.  He has taken help of the Bal Sansad in managing the MDM better.  In Beman, children did not go back after the MDM.  Often teacher complain that children come there only for MDM.  It was not true here.  Though there were many new books in two Alminars but they were locked.  On asking for the books, one tried very hard but it could not be opened.  In this school had 7 teachers including one lady teacher.

We talked to Prime Minister of Bal Sansad.  He was confident and showed that there has been several activities in education, sport and MDM.  They often remind teacher to go to class, keeping the school clean, participate in the distribution of food and sending children back to class after the MDM.

Since 1958, 3000 children have passed from here, about 20 have graduated.

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